The professional solution for compiling, processing and presenting near-surface geophysical survey data

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Streamlined interface with advanced functionality

Fast and Effective Processing

Specialised processes for magnetic and resistance data.

Remove magnetic data striping without affecting traverse-aligned features.

Fast algortithms give immediate preview of results. Undo, redo and review process steps.

Efficient Workflow and Productivity

Simple survey grid mosaicing and editing tools make data collation fast and effortless

Export scaled and geolocated data images and outlines to CAD and GIS for rapid report production.

Collate, process and present your data in minutes. Get the job done faster and to a higher standard.

Geo-Locate Survey Data

Quick and intuitive georeferencing tool to correctly position your survey without rescaling.

View and process multiple survey datasets together on the same map.

Overlay survey data onto other geo-data layers such as map images, aerial photography and lidar. Easily correlate anomalies between datasets.

Cart Data Made Simple

Import and merge raw cart data directly from MGR, G13 or NMEA text files

Fast tile-based renderer interpolates to display resolution.

Export processed cart data as an image, raster dataset for GIS, or as an XYZ pointcloud

Versatile Mapping Engine

Import vector mapping data from shapefiles.

Create clear and attractive base maps from free or commercial datasets.

Symbolise map features using attribute data.

Fully Customizable Traceplots

Create traceplots from both gridded and cart surveys.

Adjust data range and scale, line weight, colour and fill colour for maximum clarity

Export as either a raster image or a vector graphic.

Powerful Terrain Model Tools

Deflate the landscape: Flatten out large-scale topographic variations to reveal smaller features.

Smooth small-scale noise to improve data appearance.

Illuminate the topography with a moveable light-source.

Visualise Multispectral Imagery

Import multispectral aerial or satellite raster data from a wide variety of file formats.

View as RGB composite with quick and easy histogram clipping for optimal contrast.